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these are kind of fun:)

M. VIRGIN OR NOT? virgin (im a christian)
R. FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT.  good thing this says ‘at the moment’ haha. still so hard though D: I would have to say best friend by ftp and anything on that album or unforgettable by nat king cole because I never get tired to his music
A. WHY MY LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED. like I said earlier!:)

spell your name in my ask!

That ring is only the beginning, man. I can see it now….

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For the ask meme: H E A V Y N

yay hello!

E. MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR. irl and on tumblr for all of these- my sister kennedi fandombarf, and emily thisdiamondflawless, and sierra sunlitstarlet
A. WHY MY LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED. we grew apart. (friendships count as relationships right?)
V. LAST TIME I CRIED. a couple days ago
Y. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE. yes (im boring)
N. FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOP AT? such a hard questionnn!!! D: I like jewelry shopping so Icing or Claire’s

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for 'spell your name in my ask' CJ

what a cool name!

C. WHO I LIKE AND WHY I LIKE THEM. A friend of mine. He’s really good to me. And he saved my life (but he doesnt know the last part shhh)

J. WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER. I definitely 100% want to become a doctor for Doctors without Borders.

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those70scomics replied to your post "she isn’t perfect. It’s fine"

LOL — again, In Defense of Donna:


Like when he says she has big feet and she gets pissed, or when Eric doesn't ask if he can hang out with his friends and she gets pissed, or EVERY SINGLE TIME IT HAPPENS IN SEASON TWO AND ONE. They're always on about how Donna is a COOL girlfriend, but every little thing Eric says (he's a smart-mouth, it's how he is) ticks her off. They're so toxic to each other.

she isn’t perfect. It’s fine

Every time Donna gets mad at Eric and says, "Maybe I'm overreacting," I basically shout YES, INDEED YOU ARE!

Lol like when???

In regard to the confession about Donna's pants being pulled down, the whole point of the scene was that they were being dicks. Of course Eric was an assshole. You should be mad at him.

Well yeah you’re right, it is completely obvious that the scene is supposed to show them acting like dicks. But I don’t think the audience is supposed to be mad at Eric. It would make more sense that the writers meant for us to laugh at Eric’s fuck-up and how he managed to sabotage his Valentines Day. But it wasn’t actually that funny for a few reasons, and that is what the confession talks about.

Honestly this scene bothers me so much. I understand that it’s supposed to be a joke/burn, and they are just immature teenage boys, bla bla bla WHATEVER. Putting that aside, I felt so bad for Donna, to the point where it didn’t seem appropriate to laugh along with the stupid laugh track. I mean, put yourself in Donna’s shoes. Imagine how that must have felt for her. I get that she doesn’t wear dresses and she plays basketball with the guys, etc. but let’s not forget that she is still a teenage girl. How would you feel if your boyfriends who you love and TRUST pulls down your pants in front of all your friends, and then everyone laughs and teases you for your choice of underwear (so fucking ridiculous!!! and RUDE). It’s obvious that Eric only did it because he was butt-hurt about losing the basketball game to a girl. That’s pretty pathetic. (And I must add, the fact that Donna’s mom actually sides with Eric’s reasoning because “women have to pretend to be weak and fragile so that men can feel superior” is so annoying!!!! honestly what the hell!!! well at least Kitty and Red understood Donna) Anyway, I hate that Eric didn’t even think to consider Donna’s feelings. I hate that he wasn’t truly sorryall he said was, “I don’t need Donna mad at me on Valentine’s Day.” And I hate that despite Donna’s very clear humiliation, Hyde even bothered to make that nasty comment. They were all being such dicks, especially Hyde since he wouldn’t shut up about it afterwards, even suggesting that Eric buy her replacement panties. It’s all so stupid because Donna can wear whatever damn underwear she pleases! bla bla bla/rant over. submit a confession

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